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Blend Your Own Smoothie!
Take one item (or more) from each column, blend with ice… and you have your very own custom made smoothie!
·       Frozen berries
·       Fresh berries
·       Frozen fruit
·       Fresh fruit
·       Banana
·       Apple
·       Applesauce
·       Canned fruit (no syrup)

·       Skim milk
·       Strawberry milk
·       Chocolate milk
·       Yogurt
·       Greek yogurt
·       Instant breakfast drink
·       Cottage Cheese

·       Honey
·       Vanilla extract
·       Almond extract
·       Lemon extract
·       3 Tbsp frozen lemonade          concentrate
·       3 Tbsp frozen juice concentrate
·       Chocolate or strawberry syrup/powder
·       Sugar Free punch mix
·       1 Tbsp creamy peanut butter
·       Nutmeg
·       Cinnamon

 Fuel for Peak Performance
These combos can work for breakfasts, pack along lunches, pre-workout snacks or recovery meals. They each contain a perfect carbohydrate and protein blend.

·         string cheese with a piece of fruit
·         string cheese with whole grain crackers
·         yogurt with a piece of fruit
·         yogurt with whole grain toast
·         cottage cheese with fruit or crackers
·         glass of milk (any flavor)
·         lean meat sandwich or wrap
·         tuna fish sandwich
·         tuna and crackers
·         peanut butter sandwich
·         peanut butter on crackers
·         peanut butter on apple or pear
·         nuts/seeds with a piece of fruit or baby carrots
·         nuts/seeds with dry cereal as a trail mix
·         PowerBar (or similar product) with glass of milk
·         bagel with peanut butter
·         leftovers!
·         hummus with crackers or baby carrots
·         quesadilla
·         omelets (one whole egg, 2 egg whites, veggies and cheese) with toast
·         slice of pizza
·         can of broth based soup such as chicken noodle
·         burrito with salsa
·         favorite frozen/fresh veggie with cheese melted on top
·         baked potato topped with cheese or chili
·         granola with nuts
·         chicken/other meat on tortilla with salsa
·         dried fruit and nuts
·         rice or pasta with meat/cheese
·         bowl of cereal with milk
·         pretzels with cheese slice
·         canned fruit and yogurt blended into smoothie
·         baked tortilla chips, cheese and salsa to make nachos
·         banana with nut based trail mix
·         grilled cheese sandwich

Fuel Your Muscles Through Out the Day
It’s Your Edge!*

Power Foods
No matter where you’re off to, you have time to grab a nutritious snack. The key is to plan ahead and be prepared. Whether you’re in a hurry to go to a class, a team meeting, a practice, or just want a snack for later, here are some nutritious ideas.
Backpack Super Snacks:
Have a stash of some of the following items to grab when you're in a hurry:

Raw Veggies
Juice Box
Dried Fruit
Trail Mix
Low-fat Cookies
Graham Crackers
Raisin Bread
Cheese Sticks
Fresh Fruit
Fig Newton’s
Granola Bar
Peanut Butter Crackers

Keep it Cool:

These items should be refrigerated or kept in an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack:
Cottage Cheese w/ Fruit
Bagel w/ Cream Cheese
Fresh Veggies
Fruit Juice    
Hummus/ Bean Dip
Eggs (Burrito, Salad)
Instant Breakfasts
Tuna Salad/Sandwic

Vending Machines:

It’s not easy to find nutritious snacks here, but here are some of the better choices:

Rice Krispie Treats
Cheese Crackers
Graham Crackers
Zoo Crackers
Peanut Butter Crackers
Dried Fruit
Chocolate Milk

These foods can help:
All Berries
Tomatoes and Tomato Sauces
Tuna Fish

Recent studies from the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs show that athletes who eat at least 5 servings of bright colored fruits and vegetables per day greatly decrease muscle soreness and reduce injury recovery time.    

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