Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sportsware Registration

All athletes must go through the sportsware registration every year (Link for instructions is below). If they already have an account, they simply go in, update information & sign forms, forms must have parent signature, not the athlete's- start with step #3 on instructions. If they've forgotten their password, Sportsware has a reset password option.  If that doesn't work, they can e-mail me for help; all of this is in the instructions I'm attaching. New athletes start with step #1. 
No one is allowed to participate until I have their physical & sportsware registration is completed ~ NO exceptions.  Please be reminding athletes of this during preseason workouts or via e-mail-text communications. 

All incoming 9th & 11th grade athletes must have new physicals, done after May 1st, regardless of when their last physical was completed. In other words, if they had one done their 1oth grade year, they have to have a new one.  The IHSAA does not allow out of state physicals. 

​Thank you!

Instructions to fill out sportsware form: link to instuctions

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