Saturday, July 21, 2018


1.    Change of running schedule for next week, July 23 thru 28. This is a week where we want athletes to change their routines, as well as their workouts.
Note that this week is different from what’s on the summer schedule. The changes are:
o   We will only meet Tuesday 24th @ Capital, 8am (under the tree by the main baseball entrance) and Friday 27th @ Optimist, 8am. On Friday we will be doing a 2 mile race effort so you can have an idea of where your fitness level is.
o   We will not meet on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. We want you to get your recovery runs in at different places, again to change your routine. You can meet as small groups or just run on your own.
     **There will be no weightroom. Take a break. You can do your own circuit. Make sure to continue to work on your core.
2.    3 weeks to 1st official practice, Aug 10th, Optimist Fields, 8am
3.    5 weeks to the first XC race at BK
o   It takes at least 4 weeks of consistent running to adapt and to get a jump in fitness. If you haven’t started your base yet, there is still time, BUT you need to start now. (Make sure to ease into the training) If you have questions contact one of the coaches. If you have started, but have been inconsistent, it is now time to start working on consistency. Having a base before your first race, will allow you to pursue your potential, will drastically reduce your injury risk and will increase your enjoyment of the sport.
o   To all of you who have been consistent and have been having a great summer of running, KEEP IT UP. It will pay off!
4.    VERY IMPORTANT: If you are a freshman or junior you need an updated physical. Scroll down to the 'updated physical sheet', print it out and bring it with you to your physical. If you are a freshman please get a copy for Capital and for your Junior High.
o   Freshmen, Sophmores, Juniors and Seniors all have to fill out online paperwork on ‘Sportsware’, The link is Scroll down for instructions to fill out Sportsware paperwork.
o   PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE ONLINE PAPERWORK NEEDS PARENT SIGNATURES. It might be easier if your parents fill it out as there is a lot of information only they will know, so please inform them.
o   Have this paperwork completed before August 10th. We cannot let you practice with the team unless you have all your paperwork completed.

5.   PARENT MEETING – August 6th, 6:30pm, Capital Auditorium. There will be an all Fall sports meeting, followed by a short cross country only meeting.
More details to come. Please inform your parents

6.   Our pre-season cross country camp is Aug. 16 to 18 at Woodriver Campground, near Ketchum. Please save the date, it’s a great camp and a great opportunity for team bonding before the season starts. DETAILS TO COME.

7.   Summer requirements for a really cool capital cross country tank top.
To earn a tank top you need to do 3 of the following 4 requirements over the summer:

  •        E-mail or text a biweekly running log to Coach Doherty (Phone # 208-830-7448)

  •        Attend a minimum 50% of summer practices.

  •         Attend one of two time trials (race efforts) throughout the summer. First one is Friday, July 27th,    @ Optimist 8am.

  •        Attend any cross country camp (Our Woodriver camp does not count). 

8.   KEEP A RUNNING LOG! You may be eligible for a mileage shirt. Log is needed to verify miles. If you accumulate the mileage below before the first race on Aug. 25th you will get a cool shirt. Mileage includes all the miles you ran after track season.
v  250 miles (freshmen only)
v  350 miles
v  500 miles

9. August 1st thru August 9th is DEAD WEEK. Coaches are unable to be in contact with athletes during that time, so it's really important to have all paperwork completed before DEAD WEEK begins.

Why run cross country? It's a hard sport. Rebecca Rusch a 7 time world champion mountain biker couldn't have explained cross country better.

"No, I don't like being in pain, but I like who I am on the other side of it. On the other side of something really, really hard, I am always going to come out with a win one way or the other and I grow as a person everytime"

So what do you do to find out what's on the other side?

1. Make a commitment to be consistent during the summer. Summer is where champions are born. It's the most important phase of your cross country training. It builds the foundation that will determine what you will accomplish this coming season.

2. Gradually ease into your training. Don't make big jumps. Everything needs to be gradual so you avoid injury.

3. Listen to your body. Take a day off if you need to, but don't take lots of days of in a row. Stay consistent.

4. Hydrate and eat well every day. Take care of your body

5. Get good consistent sleep.

6. Make sure you have good running shoes so you avoid injuries.

7. Set a GOAL and WRITE IT DOWN.


Sportsware Registration

All athletes must go through the sportsware registration every year (Link for instructions is below). If they already have an account, they simply go in, update information & sign forms, forms must have parent signature, not the athlete's- start with step #3 on instructions. If they've forgotten their password, Sportsware has a reset password option.  If that doesn't work, they can e-mail me for help; all of this is in the instructions I'm attaching. New athletes start with step #1. 
No one is allowed to participate until I have their physical & sportsware registration is completed ~ NO exceptions.  Please be reminding athletes of this during preseason workouts or via e-mail-text communications. 

All incoming 9th & 11th grade athletes must have new physicals, done after May 1st, regardless of when their last physical was completed. In other words, if they had one done their 1oth grade year, they have to have a new one.  The IHSAA does not allow out of state physicals. 

​Thank you!

Instructions to fill out sportsware form: link to instuctions