Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Schedule

June 2nd - June 25 - There will be no organized team practices until June 26th
Kids are on their own and should spend time gradually working to up their mileage and days of running. They are welcome to run together informally if they'd like.
If anyone needs a schedule contact Coach Doherty at or Coach Hayes at

Monday June 26 - Optimist Fields, 8am: 
This will be the kickoff to our structured base. We will have a team breakfast after the run

Schedule for rest of summer:
Monday - Optimist Fields 8am
Tuesday - Marigold 8am,  Capital Weightroom 7pm
Wednesday - Ester Simplot White Water Park 8am
Thursday - Capital Weightroom 7am - run after weights
Friday - Optimist Fields 8am
Saturday - Camelsback Park 9am

Requirements for the Washington trip - Nike Twilight XC Invitational, Marysville, WA

To earn a seat on the bus to Washington you need to fulfill 2 of the following 3 requirements over the summer:

1. E-mail or text a weekly running log to Coach Hayes starting the week of June 26-Aug 11. By the week of July 3 - July 9 your running log must have at least 5 runs of 30 mins or more. You have up to that week (which means all of June) to slowly build up your runs.
Attend a minimum 50% of summer practices.

2. Attend one of two time trials throughout the summer. (Camp time trial does not count)

3. Attend a cross country camp or 30% summer practices and Capital Cross Country Camp

Requirements for a summer mileage shirt

250 mile club (Freshmen only)
350 mile club
500 mile club