Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cross Country Season around the corner

2.5 weeks to the official beginning of the 2016 season, 4.5 weeks to our first race at Jimmy Driscoll. Season is right around the corner. I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and excited about the upcoming season. I know we as a coaching staff are excited and ready to go. I am at the tail end of my summer vacation and have had a wonderful time with my family down in Disneyworld. I am due back Saturday and looking forward to attending practices next week.
To those of you who have attended camps, I hope they have you motivated and anticipating the season. Congratulations to all of you who competed in time trials at your camps and for those who participated in our Capital time trial last week. You have shown the strength you have gained from great summer training.
For those of you who have been consistent throughout the summer, be excited, because I promise you it will pay off during the season and KEEP IT UP!.
For those of you who have not been consistent, it is now time. You have 4.5 weeks to the first race and you can gain a great deal of strength in that period of time.

A few administrative items to remind you of.
* If you are planning to go on the Bend trip I hope you have been sending your bi-weekly running logs to Coach Hayes. I know a good portion of you will need this to fulfill the criteria.

* Freshmen and Juniors, if you have not completed your physical, please get it done before the season starts. We are not allowed to have you practice without a physical on file and remember you need 10 official practices to be eligible to compete in the first race.

*The paperwork for everyone is now available online. Can you please tell your parents to go to, scroll down to 'New Athletic Registration Process', where they can then follow the online instructions. We are hoping to get the paperwork completed much quicker with this new process.


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