Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mid summer break

This week we have given everyone a break from the summer routine, so enjoy the sleep ins, but make sure you are getting your easy runs in. We will be meeting up again as a group this Friday 31st, 8am, Optimist Fields, for speed development. We will also meet on Saturday at Camels Back Park, 9am.
Next week we will be meeting again as normal and weight room will be reopened.

Season Kick Off

It's getting even closer. 2 1/2 weeks to official beginning of season and 4 1/2 weeks to our first race.
We have seen a drop in the number of people showing up to summer workouts. We know this is a busy vacation month, so it's to be expected but if you are on vacation please make sure to continue to get your runs in. Remember consistency is the key to building strength in base. We are getting close to the beginning of the season, so don't back off now.
Keep up the great work!
  • Send your running logs to Coach Hayes
  • If you are a freshman or junior please get your physical complete before Aug. 14th to be eligible to practice

Capital Coaches

Capital Cross Country PARENT MEETING, Tuesday Aug. 18th, 7pm Eagle's Nest

Monday, July 20, 2015

Getting Close

It's getting close! 4 weeks to official beginning of season and 6 weeks to our first race. Keep up the great work! We have had such great turnouts all summer. We have told you that what you do in the summer dictates how you will perform in the Fall. Well by the looks of it we are on for a great season. Remember it's consistency that counts in the summer. Get the miles in!! Take a day off every now and then if you need one. However taking a few days off in a row will hurt your base. Again, consistency is the key.
Get your running logs to Coach Hayes if you need them to go to Bend.

Team picture

Team picture will be TUESDAY AUG 18th, 9.15am @ Capital