Sunday, November 2, 2014


On the days you are at Capital or on your own, you can pick any place to run
Coaches will attend practices on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Wednesday, Friday and the race on Saturday.
To get the group rate for NXN you need to bring $15 to Doherty in Room 121 by Tuesday 4th

Monday 3rd - Capital @ 3.20 or on your own

Tuesday 4th - Capital Track @ 3:35

Wednesday 5th  -  Capital @ 3.20 or on your own

Thursday 6th  - NOVEMBER MILE @ Borah
                         Girls 4:00pm
                         Boys 4:15pm

Friday 7th  - Capital @ 3.20 or on your own

Saturday 8th  - Capital @ 9am

Monday 10th  - Capital @ 3.20 or on your own

Tuesday 11th  - Capital @ 3.20 or on your own

Wednesday 12th  - Capital Track @ 3:35

Thursday 13th  - Capital @ 3.20 or on your own

Friday 14th - Capital @ 3:35

Saturday 15th - NXN Regional Championship - Eagle Island
10:00am Grade School & Middle School boys & girls 3K
10:30am Open & Citizen men & women 5K
11:10am Girls Junior Varsity 5K
11:50am Boys Junior Varsity 5K
12:25pm Girls Varsity 5K
1:00pm Boys Varsity 5K (Race may be split, schedule will be adjusted accordingly)
1:30pm Girls Team Championship Introductions and National Anthem
1:45pm Girls Championship Race 5K
2:15pm Boys Championship Team Introductions
2:30pm Boys Championship Race 5K

Read more: NXN Northwest Regional - Meet Info - Meet Info

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