Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monday 26th XC practice at Marigold 3.15

  • XC practice 3.15 Monday 26th @Marigold 
  • GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED CAMP THIS WEEKEND. You all did a great job! A huge thank you to the Cole family, the Schultz family, the Steiger family, the Pishl family and our councelors who helped make the weekend possible. 
  • 1st Race this coming Sat. Aug 31st at Bishop Kelly
  • Remember you need 10 official practices to race at Bishop Kelly
  • Spaghetti feed at the Donovan's this Friday. Thank you Donovan's for hosting. 
  • Make sure you turn in you 'Release and Participation Form'. You also need that to race.  

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