Friday, July 12, 2013

5 WEEKS to the official start of the season. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

I, and I know I am speaking for all of our coaches, want to tell you how impressed we are to see the commitment and participation of so many of you throughout the summer so far. It warms my heart to come to a practice and see anywhere from 20 to 45 of you consistently showing up.
Please keep it up!
Summer running is what determines how well you are going to run in the Fall and to see so many of you buying into this has me so excited for this upcoming season.

* Please remember to stay well hydrated in this heat.
* Eat lots of good healthy food. You are burning a lot of calories in this heat.
* Stay consistent with your running. Don't take big chunks of time off. However, please feel free to
   take a day off, if you need one. We want you fresh and ready to go in the Fall, so don't over do it in
   the summer. It's OK to take a day off every now and then!
* If you can't make it to the weight room, please make sure you are doing the strength circuit 2 times
   a week. This is an important part of your training that will increase your strength and speed and
   reduce your risk of injuries.
* Continue to send your running logs into me at the end of each week.

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