Thursday, June 27, 2013

Calculating Summer Miles

To calculate summer miles, use the following ranges. It is not exact, but it will give you an approximate mileage total, if you are looking to qualify for a mileage shirt.

On recovery days:
8 to 9 mins for one mile, up to mid July. 8 mins for a varsity type runner, 9 for a beginner.
7.5 to 8.5 mins for one mile, from mid July on. This takes into account an increase in fitness level.
On workout days:
7.5 to 8.5 mins for one mile, up to mid July. 7 to 8 mins for one mile, from mid July on.

On recovery days:
7 to 8 mins for one mile, up to mid July. 7 mins for a varsity type runner, 8 for a beginner.
6.5 to 7.5 mins for one mile, from mid July on. This takes into account an increase in fitness level.
On workout days:
6.5 to 7.5 mins for one mile, up to mid July. 6 to 7 mins for one mile, from mid July on.

1st time trial

The first time trial is scheduled for Friday, July 26th at Optimist Fields, 8am.
If you can't make the mornings your time trial will be Thursday, July 25th at Veterans Park,7pm


If you are interested in a running camp, the YMCA are putting on their first annual cross country camp in Cascade from July 22nd to 27th.
The camp is designed to help prepare runners for their upcoming season. Planned activities include morning runs as well as class room sessions to discuss nutrition, injury prevention, core training, race strategies and mental training. Other activities include zip lining, swimming, mountain biking and rock climbing.
Cost: YMCA members - $394, Non members $499.  FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE

For more information, visit or contact Jack Ward at #344-5502 Ext. 270 or

Running Logs

It's getting close to the end of the second week of summer runs and there are still some of you who have not e-mailed or texted me your running logs. I am giving you until the end of this week to get your log to me, but this is the only time I will extend it that far. I will assume that if you don't send me your weekly running log, you have not run that week.
So, please get your logs to me if you have been running.

Please remember to be eligible for the Portland Pre-Nike National Meet you need to do the following:
1. E-mail or text me a running log to (208) 830-7448 or , at the end of each week beginning June 17th. There needs to be a minimum of 5 days, 30 mins of running. If injured at any time or if circumstances occur where you cannot get a run in, indicate that on your log and communicate with me. We do not want you running through an injury.

Do two of the following:
1. Attend 50% of summer practices
2. Show up to one of two time trials during the summer.
3. Go to a running camp

If you cannot fulfill these requirements, and it is out of your control, please communicate with us so we can work something else out, if possible. Without communication we can't help you.

We have close to 80 names who have expressed interested in cross country this coming season. We can only take 52 to Portland. Fulfill the above requirements to give yourself the best chance possible.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Week 2

What a great turnout for the first week of summer base. If you are in town come join us. Keep up the great work.

Some important things to remember:
To be eligible for the Portland trip you need to text or email me your weekly running log. Only about 15 of you have turned your logs into me and I know there are a lot more of you running. So get those logs sent to me.

This weeks runs:
Monday - Optimist Fields 8am
Tuesday - Marigold 8am First Fartlek workout - weight room after workout
Wednesday - Veterans Park 8am
Thursday - Veterans Park 8am
Friday - Optimist Fields 8am First speed development workout - weight room after workout
Saturday - Camelsback Park - 9am

Tuesday - Marigold 7pm - Fartlek workout
Thursday - Veterans Park 7pm - speed dev. workout

If you can't make the morning weight training sessions ,the weight room will be open on Monday evenings at Capital. Coach Stith will be monitoring.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Strength Training

Strength training will be Tuesdays and Fridays after morning practices. For those who can't make mornings strength training will be Mondays at 7pm in the Capital weight room.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nutrition Tips

To get some healthy nutrition tips go to TRAINING TIPS


Monday - Optimist Fields, 8am ( Breakfast after - bring smoothie ingredients)
Tuesday - Marigold (across from Garden City Library) 8am
Wednesday - Veterans Park, 8am
Thursday - Veterans Park, 8am
Friday - Optimist Fields, 8am
Saturday - Camelsback Park, 9am


Tuesday - Marigold (across from Garden City Library) 7pm
Thursday - Veterans Park, 7pm


MONDAY, JUNE 17th, the first official summer practice, will be held at the Optimist Fields 8.00am. We will be discussing important information regarding summer workouts and strength training, so if you are in town and can make it, please attend. We will be having a smoothie breakfast after your run, so bring your favorite ingredients to make your smoothie. Hope to see you all there.

If you work or are in summer school, we will have the same meeting on TUESDAY, JUNE 18TH, at Marigold (across from Garden City Library), 7pm. We will feed you too!


Sorry!! The website has been down for the past week, but is back up and running again.
I just wanted to thank everyone who helped out at the Ironman Triathlon last week. You guys did an awesome job and helped raise $500 for our cross country program.
Also, a big thank you to Mrs. Schultz who put the whole thing together. THANK YOU!!

Monday, June 3, 2013


A reminder that if you a junior or freshman you need to have an updated physical. On Thursday, June 6th at the Caven-Williams indoor practice facility at BSU, a group of doctors will be there to do physicals for only $20. Make check payable to Capital High School.
1. If you go you must wear shorts and a T-shirt.

2. You need to have the history portion of the physical form (you should have this form from the meeting) filled out. If you don't have one you could drop by Capital and pick one up.

3. Time Boys - 10:30am
             Girls - 1:00pm

MONDAY JUNE 17TH - First time we meet as a group.




If you want to be ready for the summer workouts starting the last week of June, now is the time to start your summer base, if you haven't started already.
The next 3 weeks is just easy running to slowly allow your body to adjust to daily running again. This is essential as you need this easing in period to be ready for the workouts the week of the 24th.

The schedule for this week is:
Monday - 20-30mins easy
Tuesday - 25-35 mins easy
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 20-30mins easy
Friday - 25-35 mins easy, 3*100m strides
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest

If you are an experienced runner you can start off running a little more or less if you are just starting high school cross country. The key is that it is easy running (running how you feel). You should not be running hard.


Help Capital Cross Country earn $500 for travel in the 2013 season. Come volunteer at the Ironman triathlon this Saturday June 8th, get a free t-shirt and lunch along with seeing some world class athletes compete.
There will be 2 shifts: 2-6pm and 5-9pm
Our job will be to patrol the greenbelt to keep the running course clear of spectators and help direct athletes if they go off course.
For those signing up for the first shift we will meet in the parking lot of Ann Morrison (Americana entrance) at 1:15 to assign you your job. BRING A BIKE if you have one. It will be easier to get around.
2nd shift we will meet same place at 4:30.
I PROMISE YOU WILL HAVE A LOT OF FUN. The more we have sign up, the more we can put at each station.

For sign up please go to:
Go to 'Find a signup'
Enter contact e-mail
Click on title - Boise Ironman Volunteer
Sign up for the shift you want

Thank you